Covid-19 has forced a lot of changes in the daily lives of everyone. In a time when we must socially distance from one another, food is a universal language that can help us feel connected and feel a sense of comfort. Was there a particular recipe that you have enjoyed cooking since the pandemic began? Perhaps it was an old family favorite or something new you tried for the first time. The Bridgeport Public Library would like to invite the residents of Bridgeport to share a favorite recipe that's helped get you through these uncertain times. Please see the directions below on what to submit and how to participate in this exciting endeavor!

Submitting Your Recipes

Thank you for your interest in being part of this project. The submission process is free and only takes a few minutes. We accept submissions of original recipes or those from other resources as long as credit is given to original sources. Please follow the guidelines listed below and click on the link that follows to submit your work:

  • We ask that you submit only one submission per person.
  • Credit the source of your recipe (family recipe, original creation, cookbook, internet site, etc.)
  • Optional: Give us a short blurb about what the recipe means to you. Ex) Why do you enjoy cooking it? or Who taught you to make it?